Short curriculum vitae

· Jacek Juliusz Jadacki [ˈjãʦ̑ɛk ˈjüljüʃ jãˈdãʦki]

· Born on 11th of September, 1946, in Puchaczów [puˈxaʧ̑uv] near Lublin [ˈlüblin].

· Graduate from Frederick Chopin University of Music (piano) and Warsaw University (philosophy).

· Main areas of activity: logical semiotics and methodology, ontology and epistemology, history of Polish philosophy (especially of the Lvov-Warsaw School).

· Author of many books, handbooks, and ca. a thousand papers, published in Polish, English, and also in Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

· Participant of many conferences – i.a., in Bielefeld, Bolzano, Dublin, Grenoble, Greifswald, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Münster, Palermo, Paris, Prague, Sophia, and Tampa.

· Supervisor of sixteen MA’s and of eight doctorates.

· Former director of institutes of philosophy at Warsaw School of Social Psychology and at Warsaw University.

· Co-founder of one of leading Polish quarterlies – Filozofia Nauki [Philosophy of Science]. Editor-in-chief of sub-series Polish Analytical Philosophy, Rodopi–Brill. Member of: Advisory Committee of Poznań Studies of the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities; Advisory Board of Polish Journal of Philosophy.

· Member of Warsaw Scientific Society, of Scientific Society of Lublin Catholic University, of Polish Philosophical Society, and of Polish Semiotic Society.

· Cavalier of the order of Polonia Restituta.